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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cyclamen hederifolium, Primulaceae

I was never a great fan of Cyclamen until I started buying this little beauty, C.hederifolium, as a winter house plant. It ticks all the boxes: attractive foliage; compact and very floriferous form; long-lasting (some that I bought back in December are still in bloom); sweetly scented (at least the white-flowered varieties are - I can't detect much scent in the darker pink and red varieties); and it's cheap - the nursery where I buy them sells them for £1 each. 

One particularly attractive feature of Cyclamen is the shape of the flower buds, that are twisted like the swirl of a dancer's skirt.

The only tricky thing about growing this little beauty is remembering not to over-water it. The densely packed leaves and flowers succumb to Botrytis at the stem bases if you do.


  1. Your camera does it justice, too! I frequently buy Cyclamen plants to chase away the winter blues. I have one right now that is winding down. I've never been successful keeping it going through a second set of blooms. Any suggestions?

    1. It's a coincidence that you should mention that PlantPostings, as I was thinking just the same thing about two strongly scented plants that I'd like to keep for the future. According to an old plant manual that I have you can let them die back and dry out, then repot them and start them into growth again in summer and they'll flower again, although with fewer, smaller flowers. After a second flowering they are said to be not worth keeping. Apparently they are not difficult to raise from seed and will flower quite quickly, so I think I'll have a go at this - one of my plants has a seed capsule that's beginning to ripen.